Bluetooth Finder for Fitbit

Pro tip - if you have a Fitbit or other small BLE device, go get a “bluetooth finder” app for your smartphone or tablet. NOW. No thanks needed.

I ended up spending far-too-long looking for my misplaced black fitbit One last weekend. Turned out the black fitbit was behind a black sock on a shelf in a dark closet. (Next time, I’ll get a fuchsia colored on – I don’t have too many pairs of fuchsia socks.)

After several trips through the house looking, I thought I’d turn to technology. By seeing where in the house I could still sync with my phone, I could confirm it was in the house. I tried setting alarms on the fitbit, but I couldn’t hear them go off. (Likely, the vibrations were completely muffled by the sock. Socks - I should just get rid of them.)

Then I had the bright idea of asking the interwebs for help. Surely, I couldn’t be the first person in this predicament. I was rewarded with this FAQ on the fitbit site, but I’d already followed those suggestions.

Finally, I just searched for “finding bluetooth”, and discovered the tv ads were right: there is an app for that! Since I was on my android tablet at the time, I ended up with Bluetooth Finder, and found my Fitbit within 5 minutes. (I also found a similar app for my iPhone, but I don’t find it as easy to use. Displaying the signal strength on a meter is more natural for me than watching dB numbers.)