Releng & Git - Project Overview

This is the first in a series of posts about the “support git in releng” project. The goal of this project, as stated in bug 713782, is:

… The idea here is to see if we can support git in Mozilla’s RelEng infrastructure, to at least the same standard (or better) as we already currently support hg.

My hope is that blog posts will be a better forum for discussion than the tracking bug 713782, or a wiki page, at this stage.

These posts will highlight the various issues, so that the vague definitions above become clear, as do the intermediate steps needed to achieve completion.


The project goal (above) has a few terms that need defining, so they mean the same thing to all of us. And the discussion will introduce some terms as well. As these come up, they will be added here.

Mozilla Products
Software delivered to the end user for installation directly on their computer.
Releng Infrastructure
The processes & machines that are used to produce Mozilla Products, from the source code repository through continuous integration and testing to the product binaries ready for the end user.